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Oxford Pharmacy Store have successfully introduced a warehouse change using new barcode scanners, resulting in the implementation of multi-tote picking.

This approach has brought many benefits to the team, including enhanced accuracy and reduced stock errors, shortened training time, and the elimination of unnecessary paperwork.

OPS have calculated that over 6000 pieces of paper a month have been saved.

Laura Kidd, Deputy Operations & Procurement Manager at OPS, said:

When implementing the scanners into our warehouse, we took a logical approach on how to start. We began with all of the data collection and set-up which included the collation of all product barcodes and creation of stock location barcodes.

 We then looked at where the best place was to start. We wanted to begin with a small number of lines to get a feel for the technology and decided to segment out our warehouse. From there we rolled out to all other areas of the warehouse to where we’re now picking over 90% of our orders using the scanners. We’ve also started our rolling stock checks on the devices and are now in the process of utilising them fully within our goods in and receipting.

  It’s fair to say they’ve been a big hit with the staff and have really improved our accuracy and efficiencies. We are excited to continue expanding the project and utilising them in all areas of the warehouse.”

For more information on the OPS scanner project or other developments please do get in contact with the OPS team- ops.orders@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk 



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