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GHX and EDI Integration- Update

As we continue to grow as an organisation, we have now upgraded our ordering systems by going live with our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ordering pilot working with GHX and OrderWise in the first phase of our EDI implementation workstream.

This new process links up with hospital systems across the UK and will allow for hospital orders to flow directly into our stock management system for processing. After a successful pilot of this new process with 3 Trusts in NHS England, we are ready to switch on the process for all our UK customers. Whilst we know most of our customers do map their orders, here are a couple of the benefits you can expect to see from mapping your orders:

What are your benefits from mapping your products?

  • Automatically accepted, matched and processed orders- Your order goes from your ordering system and allocated to one of our warehouse pickers within minutes. 
  • Once a product is mapped, it stays mapped- The more you map, the more efficient your ordering process will be.
  • No contact needed- Due to orders being automated, they do not need time-consuming manual intervention. We can then refocus our resources to provide a quicker, more efficient service for your more complex queries.

Without mapping, your order is sent to our customer service team who must manually open every order and match each product description to our product codes before an order can be released for processing. This is inefficient, leads to delays in order processing and in some cases, orders are released late or not at all due to incorrect descriptions.

Our EDI Supplier ID is 11984. The switch over completion date is 30/11/2023, if you are unable to download our catalogue, are having issues mapping or for general information on how to map your products, please contact support-uk@ghxeurope.com or call +44 (0)345 620 2222.

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