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NHS Partners

NHS Partners
We collaborate with our NHS colleagues in pharmacy, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain and quality assurance all to the benefit of our customers.
As the logistics & distribution partner of several NHS Pharmacy Manufacturing Units (PMUs) we offer our NHS manufacturing partners the following support:


✔ Sales and Marketing Support

Our objective is to take your demand and expand it by reaching more customers throughout the UK. This includes an awareness of your products and services among:

✔ 98% of the NHS Hospitals throughout the UK & Ireland
✔ Over 200 private hospital customers registered to date
✔ 1800+ customers in the community (increasing week on week)

We also fly the NHS manufacturing flag at various meetings and exhibitions.

✔ Demand Management & Stock Control

Our Stock management teams looks at stock at risk and product lines that have changes in demand this includes reviewing the suitability of batch sizes for demand vs usable shelf life and also reorder management (your weekly performance reports), aiming to minimise risk. We aim to:

✔ Order batches to feed into your production in a timely basis to mitigate stock outs and stock write offs (we should be mitigating raw material / finished goods write off).

✔ Performance manage each individual product and monitor changes in demand so that we can highlight opportunities to increase batch size, compare against run rates from NHS PMUs prior to our engagement and chase up individual hospitals or discuss reductions in batch sizes due to prescribing changes.

Growth in Business

In addition to providing monthly sales data, we now provide year on year data with graphs and tables, which allows trends to be seen easily. Our role is to grow your business and this data allows you to see how well we are doing instantly.

Using this data we contact customers that show a change in order quantity or who have dropped off to find out the reason why this has happened and feed this demand change information back to you.

For further information on how OPS can benefit your organisation please contact: Mark.Byrne@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk